British longhair black golden cat BLH ny11 British longhair black golden kitten BLH ny11 British golden longhair BLH ny11 with green eyes Yunona Elite Bell *UA BLH ny11 Brittish longhair golden shaded cat British longhair black golden shaded cat BLH ny11


One of the best our mothers - gentle and calm, affectionate and softy female. She carries chocolate and 12 color.

  • Name:ICH Yunona Elite Bell *UA BLH ny11
  • Birthday:05.03.2018
  • Title:ICH International Champion WCF with opened GICH Grand International Champion
  • Father:GICH Fradges Mur Golden Bob BRI ny11(12)
  • Mother:CH Viola Della Vita Samara BLH ny11
  • Genes:Carries chocolate and 12 color
  • Analyzes:PKD n/n, HCM clear, FIV & FELV negative