British golden shorthair cat BRI ny25 ICH Elite Golden Korsar British shorthair black golden shaded cat BRI ny25 British shorthair black golden ticked cat BRI ny25 British shorthair black golden chinchilla BRI ny25 British shorthair chinchilla golden cat BRI ny25


Our British producer with famous lines of worldwide champions WCF and the most affectionate cat in the world.

  • Name:ICH Elite Golden Korsar BRI ny25
  • Birthday:15.05.2016
  • Title:ICH International Champion WCF with opened GICH Grand International Champion
  • Father:GICH Fradges Mur Golden Bob Bri ny11(12)
  • Mother:CH Bastet House Naomi Bri ny25
  • Genes:Carries chocolate, delution
  • Blood group:A blood group (or rare type AB)
  • Analyzes:PKD n/n, HCM clear, FIV & FELV negative